Hello, I’m Chelsea aka Localcrooks and I have been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil. Forever doodling on things whenever I could, and having parents that would buy me art supplies for every Chrismas and Birthday, I decided I wanted to take a creative career path and ended up doing a diploma in Graphic design.

Finding the perfect balance between full time graphic design life and illustration, I bought myself an Ipad, which really got the creative juices flowing throughout the 2020 pandemic, turning my illustrations on paper to digital creations.

I love to paint already existing things, turning whatever I can into my own little evil weird characters. Using spray paints as my base, I then draw with paint pens and acrylic paint to get my idea across. I really love using bright bold colours, and shades that constrast with each other.

I am currently a senior graphic designer at FreshPict Creative and have 7 years of experience in the field.

I love nu-metal, true crime and binge watching whatever trashy reality tv show is on.